Hardware dongles backups and software protection testing service.

We accept for testing programs using hardware security dongles Hasp SRM (Sentinel HASP), Hasp HL, Hardlock, Sentinel Hardware Key (SHK), Sentinel Super Pro, Sentinel Ultra Pro, Guardant Stealth/Net I / II / III, Dinkey, as well as programs with other types of hardware security dongles or other types of protection.

Service description.

Every software developer sooner or later faces the question of protecting their product from analysis, hacking, copying, etc.
At the moment there is a wide choice of various security systems, both purely software and hardware. Hardware security keys (HASP, SENTINEL, GUARDANT, etc.) can become a powerful security tool if used correctly.
But how to determine the efficiency of use?...

If you are a software developer, use hardware dongles to protect your products but are not sure about the durability and efficiency of their use, then this service is for you.

We will help you to test the durability and effectiveness of your protection and, if necessary, give recommendations on how to strengthen it!
You can also order a backup of your hardware security key.

The essence of testing.

The essence of software testing, protected with hardware security dongles, is to verify the possibility and complexity of running software without a security dongles, using only software tools and methods of reverse engineering.
As tools for testing own developments of various software, including the universal emulator of security dongles are used - MultiKey.
The result of testing (if successful) is a program (emulator) or a set of programs that allow you to bypass the protection created by the customer.
The test results (and, if necessary, recommendations for strengthening the protection) are sent to the customer for further self-testing and elimination of defects found in their protective mechanisms.

You can leave a request for testing the program or backup of the hardware security dongle on the contact page (Order).

Warranty and technical support.

We guarantee full confidentiality and non-proliferation of any data received from the customer for SOFTWARE testing.
All materials after transfer to the customer are removed from our computers immediately or after the technical support period (at the request of the customer).
Technical support for all types of work performed is free of charge within 6 months after the execution of the order.
In the future, technical support is carried out on a contractual basis.

Attention! We do not distribute software and utilities for software breaking (cracks, patches, serial number generators, etc.). You can use our services only if you are the developer of a particular SOFTWARE or their representative, or a licensed user (when ordering a backup of the security dongle). All information and materials (utilities and SOFTWARE), located on the site, are presented for informational purposes and can only be used for self-testing of their software products. Any use of materials from the site for actions that violate the laws of your country, as well as the laws of other countries - is PROHIBITED!